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Specializing in acoustic and orchestral music, Michael Klubertanz is a composer with a great stylistic versatility which enables him to find just the right tone for each project he devotes himself to. His strong conceptual approach is sure to deliver practical solutions for all possible tasks, thus making him a reliable and trusted creative partner. Classically trained, the german musician is working professionally as composer, conductor, arranger and pianist in a great variety of genres, perfoming opera, symphonic music and chamber music as well as works from the rock, pop and jazz genres. The swedish sample instrument company Precisionsound relies on his demos regularly as well as the Indian manufacturer Crypto Cipher. He is currently teaching at the Stuttgart University of Music and Performing Arts. In 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014 consecutively his trailer scores for the features "Madness", "Redtail", "S 4 Superman" and "Unavailable" were awarded at the International Film Scoring Competition of "The Indie Gathering" Film Festival in the US. He has been finalist of the 2015 Oticons Faculty Competition. Having always been fascinated with film, it was only natural for him to express himself sonically in this medium. The ever-increasing number of scores he produces documents his range of formats, from small, animated shorts, to feature length films.

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currently scoring:

"Star Wars - An Idiot's Array" (US; d: Elias Noel)
"The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd"  (CH; d: Uwe Schwarzwälder)
"Max Topas - Das Buch der Kristallkinder" (D; d: Doc Miguel)  
"Kurzeme Fortress" (AU; d: Kelly Hetherington)   TRAILER
"Too Late" (CH; d: Emmanuel Obi, Jr)
"Disruption" (CAN; d: Renjie Freeman)
"A Room without a View" (US; d: Daniel Gras Pujalt)
"Yersinia Pestis" (CAN; d: David Harrisson)  
"Mordred" (UK; d: Laura Jay)  TRAILER
"The Legacy" (AU; d: Eva Acharya)
"The Enuattii" (US; d: Rashaad Santiago)
"Magic Maddie" Season One Ep 1-10 (US; d: Daniel G. Pujalt)"   TRAILER
"Fire of Darkness" (IT; d: Khappa)     
"Ernest Egg" (IT; d: Claudio di Biagio)
"Das Getriebe im Sand" (D; w/d: Valentin Felder / Josua Bauer)        


mainly Cubase with a variety of software samplers and many sample libraries as well as a big selection of synthesizers, making it possible to cover about every possible musical demand (classical, rock, pop, jazz, electronic, world ...)


John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Bernard Hermann, Ennio Morricone, Danny Elfman, James Horner, John Barry, too many ... and of course all the classical composers of symphonic and operatic works


Do what´s right for the movie.
Don´t copy, create.
Write music that is never in the way, but that is also never empty or boring without the picture.
Work conceptually.
Believe in melody and harmony, but don´t be predictable.
Create music, not musical effects.
Texture is preferable to flat perfection.

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